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Nectar collection from farm filled mustard by honey bee
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Indigenous honey White crystallized cream honey - 530 g

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Turritopsis private limited/ Primitive corporation

In India, most of people think that if raw pure natural honey is crystallized then it is not pure or adulterated with sugar.

But this is a big misconception. Crystallization of raw natural honey depends on many factors some of them are as follows.

  1.  Source of flower: honey collected from oil plants such as mustard, sunflower, coriander tends to crystallize faster than others.
  2. Fructose glucose ration in honey: If honey contains more glucose then fructose it will readily be crystallized.
  3. Moisture percentage in honey: If the moisture content is below 16%, then it has the chance to be crystalized faster then, other processed honey.
  4. Amount of beeswax and pollen in honey: Raw pure unprocessed honey contains some amount of pollen and beeswax which enhances the process of crystallization.

There are many reasons not limited to above please refer below link to know of raw honey.

Here we will provide you the best unfiltered, unprocessed, natural, organic honey of mustard, sunflower, and coriander as per the seasons.


Indigenous honey White| Pure Natural Raw Organic Mustard Cream Honey