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INDIGENOUS HONEY White crystallized cream honey - 530 g

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Indigenous honey raw pure natural unprocessed crystallized honey

In India, most people think that if raw pure natural honey is crystallized then it is not pure or adulterated with sugar.

But this is a big misconception. Crystallization of raw natural honey depends on many factors some of which are as follows.

  1. Source of flower: honey collected from oil plants such as mustard, sunflower, and coriander tends to crystallize faster than others.
  2. Fructose glucose ration in honey: If honey contains more glucose than fructose it will readily be crystallized.
  3. Moisture percentage in honey: If the moisture content is below 16%, then it has the chance to be crystalized faster than, other processed honey.
  4. Amount of beeswax and pollen in honey: Raw pure unprocessed honey contains some amount of pollen and beeswax which enhances the process of crystallization.

What does it mean by raw honey Natural honey which is collected from the honeycomb of a beehive or colony is called raw honey. It is only filtered by nylon cloth for the removal of large particles of beeswax only. This pure natural honey tends to crystallize faster than processed honey. What does it mean by Regular or processed honey Raw honey is not transparently clear, it's slightly thick and with an uneven texture. To make it transparent, clear, and smooth, the processing of naturally collected honey is carried out at 61-degree Celsius. This process makes honey transparent and smooth with the cost of losses of the nutritional value of raw honey. Difference between raw honey and processed honey. Raw contains all the nutrients like enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. While processed honey due to high heat (temperature) kills most of the enzymes and vitamins Processed honey has not so health benefits as raw honey. Now question where and how we collect this raw honey. I am a small-scale beekeeper certified by the National Beekeeping Board of India and do beekeeping with the help of my family member. I have approx 2000 beehives. We migrate our beehive nearby the Gir-forest of Gujarat and other farm fields of crops such as coriander, mustard, sunflower, pigeon peas, sesame, fennel, and coconut. Every plant has a special kind of nectar in its flowers. Characteristics of honey-like taste, smell, color, thickness, texture, and crystallization are completely dependent on this nectar. Our honey is 100% raw and antibiotic-free. I am saying "Our honey". Because we sell only what we harvest. In Indian society, there is a belief in people's minds that if honey is crystallized then is a sign of adulteration. The crystallization of honey is a natural process. Pure honey can also be jammed (crystallized). 

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