Nmr tested Raw Thyme Honey with Certified Organic Wild honey Combo pack (Pack of 2)

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Package content: 1 Raw wild honey, 1 Raw thyme honey; Quantity: combo pack of 530 g jar; Self-life: 547 days.

  • Indigenous honey brought up the combo pack of wild honey and Thyme honey it’s too called (Thyme).
  • The most common thing about indigenous honey is we sell only what we harvest. And we provide 100 % pure raw and unprocessed honey to our valuable customers.
  • Wild honey is naturally collected in the Gir forest region of Gujarat from a variety of wildflowers blooming in the forest area. And Thyme honey is collected from the Morbi and Jamnagar region of Gujarat from the thyme crop.
  • We have provided you with a combination of Wild honey and Thyme honey, wild honey has antibacterial properties, hence it acts as the best healing agent, and on the other side thyme honey has antioxidant properties, its color is dark, has a strong aroma, the taste is also bitter compare to all honey. But has more health benefits. It helps for proper digestion, colic, gastric, stomach ache, and many other problems.

We at Indigenous honey serve raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, and unpasteurized organic honey. As every honey is unique and specific in its own way, indigenous honey is also having its own journey, from nectar to bees’ hives, from hives to jars, short but very accurate, appropriate, and foremost steps. While doing beekeeping we came to know that these tiny flies do collect honey as they get flower sources. Indigenous honey serves you raw thyme honey and wild honey with all-natural goodness. A crop of thyme is cultivated in Gujarat specifically in Morbi and Jamnagar regions in the month from August to November. Thyme honey is amber, color in liquid form, it also turns into dark amber or dark brown color, when it crystallizes. Thyme honey’s smell is addressed as pleasant herbal-like, strong, aromatic, woody, spicy, or maybe pungent. Mostly avoided by the children. And raw wild honey is collected from the Gir forest area of Gujarat. As per Ayurveda honey has lots of health benefits such as it is the best as an immunity booster, weight management, digestion management, cold and cough, eyes and heart, smooth glowing skin, etc.