Beeswax candle Handmade Natural floral scented yellow (3 Pieces)

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Package content: Beeswax Pillar candles; Quantity: 3 nos, Diameter of one candle: 1.13 inch, Length of one candle: 3.20 inch

We generally know about only honey which is produced by bees. But, most of us here are wrong. Bee is very small in size but does a lot to produce multiple things. Apart from honey, wax is also a valuable thing bee gives to us. It would be amazing for you to know that to produce 1 kg wax bees require 8 kg honey which means that wax is eight times costlier than honey and although beeswax candles are. Beeswax candles are made long back by our ancestors in ancient times. We can say this candle was the first-ever candle made of beeswax. Now the Indigenous beeswax candles have the design of hexagonal cells which are exactly the same as the honeycomb of bees. These are made by trained and expert female chandlers by rolling the wax sheets with their hands. Beeswax candles have a longer life span in burning. Now the question arises that why it is so. This is only because the beeswax candles have a higher melting point and other candles have a lower melting point. Candles in ancient times were used as a method for keeping time and as a source of light. These were the only use it. But today it is used in various methods and for various purposes. Whether it is about any festival of light or welcoming your guests having a good atmosphere with positive vibes and good ascent, an Indigenous beeswax candle is best to opt for.

Paraffin free: The best alternative for paraffin wax is beeswax. Paraffin wax can cause many side effects and many of us are not even aware of this. On the other hand, beeswax candles help us with purifying the air and it does so because of the negative ions released from it while burning.
Hand-rolled: The goodness of the candle depends upon a good chandler. At Indigenous, beeswax candles are rolled and made by chandlers. These are made by the trained team of chandlers, and they make sure the best-shaped and 100% pure beeswax candles are made.
Long-lasting: Indigenous Beeswax candles have the long-lasting property of burning and burning brighter without releasing any black smoke. This is the best option for the Christ Candle – a symbol of the life of Christ. Also, when it comes to showing purity, good luck, power, goodness, and fighting against the darkness by bringing light to the festival of Diwali, the Indigenous Beeswax candle is the best fitting option.
Natural fragrance: Our little buzzing bees do a lot of hard work for our mother nature and for us. Along with making honey, bees also produce the purest form of wax. The candles made with this wax have the natural fragrance of honey and the nectar of flowers.
Package content: Beeswax Pillar candles, Quantity: 6 nos, Diameter of one candle: 1.13 inches, Length of one candle: 3.20 inch

Size: Pack of 3