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Organic Certified Pure Raw Honey

As we heard word "HONEY" there is a picture in over mind that it's a brown thick sweet liquid. Isn't it? But actually, it is more than that.

Now, look at the scene behind the screen. There is an amazing science behind the making of honey. As per modern science, there are many types of honey based on the source of flower from which nectar(sweet syrup in the flower) is collected.  While in ayurveda honey is classified on the basis of types of honeybee.

As the flower source is changed the physical property of honey like color, aroma, taste, thickness or texture is also get changed.

Here, I will try my best to share useful information on honey, honeybee, and beekeeping based on my 10-year experience of honey farming(beekeeping).

Here, we will discuss about different term which is used for honey, types of honey based on flowers and honeybees homemade experiment to find purity or authenticity of honey, difference between a wild honey and beekeeper honey, about different species of honeybees, conservation of honeybees, advantage and drawback of beekeeping, latest technology in the field of beekeeping and all that.

Certified Organic Honey
NMR tested pure honey
Wild forest raw honey
Nutrition value of INDIGENOUS HONEY
Certification of INDIGENOUS HONEY
Benefit of raw organic honey

Indigenous honey Certified Organic Wild Honey Multi-flower - 530 gram

Rs. 499.00

Turritopsis private limited/ Primitive corporation

We do all kinds of laboratory tests for each and every batch/lot of Indigenous honey.

We test all parameters recommended by fssai (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India), all international standards for honey such as the test for antibiotics, heavy metal, SMR (Specific Marker for Rice syrup), TMR(Trace marker for Rice syrup), and NMR(Nuclear magnetic resonance).

This is not for only marketing or advertisement purposes. Every individual consumer can cross-verify lab reports and certificates for their received honey jar.

With every jar of honey, there is an attached lab report which will prove the authenticity of our owned produced honey.

By scanning the QR code on the jar you will receive all the information regarding that batch.

We are also requesting you to cross verify with the lab also. 

We are certified organic by the recognized certification body from APEDA.

We sell only what we harvest. Honey is harvested from our honeybee hives without hurting or damaging any honeybee. 

As we do not heat or process our honey so Indigenous honey is 100 % raw and unprocessed.

It is unfiltered honey means you may find a trace of beeswax and pollen in the honey.

Raw honey contains pollen and beeswax particle which has numerous medicinal supplements like enzymes, vitamins, and anti-oxidant.

We only select the farm where crops are grown organically, honey collected from that farm field is organic and natural.

As per Ayurveda honey has lots of health benefits such as it is best as an immunity booster, weight management, digestion management, cold and cough, eyes and heart, smooth glowing skin, etc. 

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Different types of Raw honey based on floral variation

Based on our seasonal migration of honey bee hive here are some of that collection.

Indigenous honey White crystallized cream honey - 530 gram
Crystalized Mustard Honey

Indigenous honey White crystallized cream honey - 530 gram

Rs. 599.00

Indigenous honey Raw honey (Thyme) - 530 gram
Raw Natural Unprocessed Honey

Indigenous honey Raw honey (Thyme) - 530 gram

Rs. 499.00

Indigenous honey Certified Organic Wild Honey Multi-flower - 530 gram
Certified Organic Honey

Indigenous honey Certified Organic Wild Honey Multi-flower - 530 gram

Rs. 499.00

Indigenous honey Raw honey (Rose wood) - 530 gram
Honey without adulteration

Indigenous honey Raw honey (Rose wood) - 530 gram

Rs. 499.00

Certified Organic and NMR tested honey

It is about the authenticity of Indigenous honey.

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Indigenous honey

Turritopsis private limited /Primitive corporation

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