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Jaivik Bharat, NMR Tested From Intertek Germany, India Organic, RSOCA, FSSAI, USFDA, and Apeda

•NMR tested •Certified organic •Raw honey •Natural honey directly from bee hive

Natural Variant Of Indigenous Honey

Every plant has a special kind of nectar in its flower. Bees make honey from this nectar which has its own unique properties. Characteristics of honey like taste, smell, color, thikness and texture completely depend on this nectar

How we started honey farming

Our story

I Vimal Vadher, want to share an incident that happened by my side, back in 2010. One of my closest friends was sick and later diagnosed with a chronic intestinal disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that affects the intestine and causes inflammation and ulcers. For the cure, he visited many but the problem was as it is. Then he chose to switch to Ayurveda and an Ayurvedic doctor prescribed a medicine to take along with pure raw honey which should be unprocessed, unpasteurized, and unheated. he tried many expensive honeys too, but from some local honey bees hunters, he found honey and started taking honey, medicine along and results were turned out to positive responses very fast, but the folk method of honey harvesting, the tiny honey bees may lose their home, hives were squeezed, many leads to death and this whole incident impacted so deep that how we need some actually pure honey in our daily diet and for that we are cruel to bees and that leaded me to gain more knowledge on how honeybees/honey plays a major role in this world and their conservation. The groundwork for several months made me experienced and I started with 10 honeybees’ boxes which turned up more helpful to the environment, to the farmers, and to the honeybees too. After some time I purchased more honeybees boxes and started migrating in near to far areas in search of more seasonable blossoms for the honey bees and in a result I got the pure raw honey that was needed by every one of us. While stepping ahead to sell honey in the market with a motto that we will sell only what we harvest. people started loving that ancient accent of honey, and a real thing taste with the strong wild flavor of blossom. The real pure honey.

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Varieties of raw honey, natural honey combo pack, bee pollen and beeswax candles

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Find Organic wild honey, raw mustard honey, natural litchi honey, dark and bitter thyme honey, infused honey, bee pollen, and different beeswax candle here.

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After delivering the product we took the feedback with our valuable customer and we always provide our WhatsApp number and always reply to every single message. We listen to each and every objection, and appease them by describing the fact behind beekeeping, and even sending them all the samples without any charges, just to clear their doubts over their honey.

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