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Indigenous Honey Raw Organic Honey with infused Ginger NMR Tested NPOP Organic Certified Pure Natural Unprocessed Original Honey Immunity Booster- 530 g Glass Jar (Pack of 1)

Rs. 585.00

Turritopsis Private Limited

Indigenous honey NMR tested raw pure unprocessed certified wild honey with organic ginger

  • Indigenous Honey raw and organic honey with extra goodness of ginger powder is filled with all the benefits to start your day.
  • Our honey is NMR tested and NPOP certified organic. We have added ginger to the honey taking care of your taste and health.
  • Ginger has the various medicinal property which helps with the numerous health benefits and pure, natural and unprocessed Indigenous Honey along with this gives a kick to it.
  • Start of your every morning with original honey added with organic ginger is the perfect immune booster. A spoonful of this with water every morning is a perfect choice if you are a health-conscious person.
  • Package Content: 1 Raw organic honey added with organic ginger; Quantity: 530 g; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 547 Days

Indigenous Honey Certified Organic Wild Honey with Organic Ginger is made with raw organic honey with is further mixed with organic ginger to enhance its effect on your health. In this modern growing world, we have lost our ethical ways of taking care of our health. We with the aim of helping you with taking care of your health, have brought NMR tested and organic certified wild honey with extra glimpse of ginger. When it comes of having ginger, we usually have hesitation because of its spicy taste. Keeping your taste and comfort in our thought, we have added sufficient amount of ginger powder. Because ginger has the various medicinal and health beneficial properties, it gives an extra boost to the health benefits of the pure, natural and unprocessed Indigenous Honey. This can be an ideal choice for a health conscious person. Starting your day with heart-warming drink will make your day incredible-just a cup of tea or water with our original ginger honey, the best immune booster.  Ayurveda has considered ginger to be one among the most valuable herb which is widely used with numerous health benefits and healing property. It is also even used in all home remedies by mothers and grandmothers. Undoubtedly, as per the ayurveda the most beneficial and popular way of using ginger is make a cup of tea from fresh ginger and add some honey. Easy to make and comfortable to your palate. You will receive 530 grams of Indigenous Honey Certified Organic Wild Honey with Organic Ginger in glass jar of pack of 1.

Indigenous Honey Raw Organic Honey infused with Ginger