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Indigenous beeswax Pure natural direct from beehive
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indigenous honey beeswax
beeswax for wrap wood polish

INDIGENOUS HONEY Beeswax Raw Organic Natural for candle, and cosmetics 500 g (1 Piece)

Rs. 450.00

Turritopsis Private Limited

Indigenous honey pure beeswax for candle and lip balm making

Indigenous works with the principle of non-violence and the aim of serving you with the best quality products without any adulteration. Indigenous beeswax is pure and unadulterated wax and while harvesting we make sure that no bee is getting harmed during this process. 

Looking over the various properties and uses of beeswax, it is widely used in different sectors for various purposes, from lip balm to plastic-free food storage material. Beeswax is environment friendly and non-toxic which should be highly promoted.

Beeswax is…

(1) Natural
      Honey bees consume nectar and pollen to make wax and bees consume 8 kg honey to make 100% natural 1 kg waxes. This wax comes from bees’ hives direct from Mother Nature. 

(2) Antibacterial and Antifungal
      According to recent studies, similar to honey beeswax also have an antibacterial property that helps in the treatment of skin and many more. It also prevents the growth of yeasts and fungi

(3) No Expiry date
Beeswax gets shield-like protection from ever going bad from a natural and strong substance named propolis. Propolis word is derived from two Greek words that are pro means in defense and polis means city. As beeswax does not have an expiry date it is used for many commercial and homemade purposes.

(4) Moisturizer and edible
Beeswax has many nutritional properties and due to this bee comb (made from beeswax created by worker bees) is consumed along with honey by many people. It is also used for the making of many cosmetics products at is has moisturizing property too.

(5) Best burning properties
 In comparison to other candles, beeswax candles burn brighter and are long-lasting too. It smells far better than other candles without any chemicals and additional scents. It has the natural fragrance of honey and nectar of flowers which is found in the comb of honey bees.

              This is why the honey bee is considered as a valuable insect. Apart from honey they give us many more beneficial things, help us in many different ways, and are also helping our nature. 


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INDIGENOUS HONEY Beeswax Raw Organic Natural for candle, and cosmetics