Certified Organic Wild Honey with Raw Crystallized Mustard Honey combo pack (Pack of 2)

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Package content: Wild honey & Crystallized mustard honey; Quantity: Combo pack of 530 g; Shelf Life: 547 days.

  • This is the combination of two different flavored honey. One from the forest of Gir and another from the farm of yellow flowers that is a farm of Mustard Honey.
  • This set of two varies highly in taste, color, appearance, consistency, etc. Wild honey is dark brown whereas mustard honey is almost white in color and highly crystallized in nature.
  • Wild honey has a good little thick consistency and on the other hand, mustard honey is thick crystallized honey with a too-sweet taste in comparison to any other honey.
  • Crystallization is not a sign of adulteration. It is a natural process in the honey of those flowers which contains glucose more.

This combo contains a set of Indigenous Honey Certified Organic Wild Honey and Indigenous Honey Crystallized Mustard Honey. The one thing common is both are NMR tested in the Intertek Laboratory of Germany. The most amazing about this is that both are very opposite in nature. On comparing them both you will find that Mustard honey is yellowish-white in color and in the same place wild is dark brown in color, mustard is in totally crystallized form and wild is mostly in liquid form. When you notice the taste, mustard is very sweet, and wild is normally sweet in taste.