Nmr tested Raw Thyme Honey with Crystallized Mustard Honey combo pack (Pack of 2)

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Package content; 1 Raw Thyme Honey, 1 Crystallized Mustard honey Quantity; combo pack of 530 g jar; Self-life: 547 days.

  • Indigenous honey Mustard Crystallized honey. Crystallization means the granulation of honey. All kinds of honey Crystallize, solidify and freeze over time.
  • Thyme honey is a good source of antioxidants and helps us with digestion, colic, gastric, stomach ache, and many other problems.
  • Quite often when honey crystallizes it’s assumed by many that it’s adulterated or not pure. Ironically, just the opposite holds true that crystallization is a natural phenomenon in raw honey.
  • Mustard honey crystallizes within a week after harvesting and compare to mustard honey thyme honey takes time to crystallize.

Raw honey crystallizes faster than processed honey. Raw honey also has 300 substances like amino acids, minerals, proteins, etc. They all affect the crystallization process. Depending on plant origin, honey may either crystallize faster or remain liquid for a long time. Honey from the flowers of Thyme, Tulsi, Sidr, Fennel, etc. crystallizes quite slowly and can stay liquid for several years without any special treatment whereas honey from mustard, coriander, and dill seed flowers crystallizes quickly within a month from harvesting. You can use mustard honey as a natural sweetener in milk, you can also spread it on toast. Thyme honey taste is pungent which is a unique thing about thyme honey. if the taste is not a matter, then thyme honey is really beneficial for the health-conscious Thyme honey is a treasure for health, it contains the highest antioxidant in compression of any other kind of honey.