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Beekeeping project start-up-hobby converts to a honey farming business

We all know how it is hard to find raw pure honey in this modern era while every one finds things to be cheap yet fresh and natural. But we always fail as in the competitive and fancy world eyes attracts the beauty not the authenticity.

I Vimal Vadher, want to share an incident happened by my side before some long years back, one of my closest friends was sick from long time and later diagnosed with the diseases name Ulcerative colitis, this is a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease. These diseases affect the intestine and cause inflammation and ulcers. For the cure he visited many but the problem was as it is.

Then he chose to switch in Ayurveda and there an Ayurvedic doctor prescribed a medicine to take along with pure raw honey, which should be unprocessed, unpasteurized and unheated.

He tried many expensive honeys too, but the diseases were not cured. At last, he found pure honey from some local honey bees hunter and started taking honey along with medicine and results were turned out to positive response very fast, but along with this we found out that their folk method of honey harvesting is heart wrenching, the tiny honey bees lost there home, there hives were crushed, they many have to die, and this whole phase impacted me so much that it made me think about how we need some actually pure things in our daily diet without cruelty with bees and I started surfing on the honey bees conservation, honey bees farming, how honey bees play a major role in nature, etc.

Then I decided to go to the roots, and started learning on honey bees. With the help of some contacts, I checked up on few honey bee’s farms and took some more practical ideas about it by practicing in their farms for several months, while I started up this with my personal interest with 10 honeybees’ box which turned up more helpful to the environment, to the farmers and to the honeybees too. This pushed me more to get in more involved with this field. After sometime I purchased more honeybees box and started conserving in the nearby forest area and farms.

With the expand in honey bees box, I started migrating to other places in searching the most seasonable blossom for the bees and in result I got the pure raw honey which was needed by everyone of us. While stepping ahead to sell honey in the market I thought of selling raw honey in the local market and business turned up to be very beautiful as people started loving that ancient accent of honey, the dark bold color, the thick viscosity and a real in thing taste with strong wild flavour of blossom.

From the day 1 when I stepped in selling honey to the local customers, I decided to sell only what we harvest, the real pure honey without any process, adulteration, or any outer substance.

Primitive corporation (known as Indigenous honey) is a small-scale beekeeping business located at the Gir forest area, Gujarat. We produce 100 % pure (adulteration free), natural (antibiotics free), raw and unfiltered honey.

It’s our responsibility to make a huge number of flowers available for our bees throughout the year. Nobody can feed their bees by staying at the same place for a long time. Because only a bee hive(family of bees) requires a half-acre of the flowering area and we are working with hundreds of bee boxes....!!

So, we have to do migrate our bees month by month near different kinds of flowering crops like Thyme, Mustard, Fennel, Sesame, Dill seed, Coriander, etc. We also keep our bees in a forest area during the flowering season of Palash, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Rosewood, Wild Basil, Berry, etc.

Every plant has a special kind of nectar in its flowers. Characteristics of honey like taste, smell, color, thickness, texture, and crystallization are depended on this nectar. So, with every new harvest, we get completely different types of honey. Thus, it’s not possible for us to get the same honey during all the seasons. Actually, it’s not possible for any Beekeeper who does ethical beekeeping practice.

Beekeeping project start-up-hobby to a honey farming business