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Beekeeping project start-up-hobby converts to a honey farming business

beekeeping by Dr. Dharmesh vadher

Primitive corporation (known as Indigenous honey) is a small-scale beekeeping business located at the Gir forest area, Gujarat. We produce 100 % pure (adulteration free), natural (antibiotics free), raw and unfiltered honey.

It’s our responsibility to make a huge number of flowers available for our bees throughout the year. Nobody can feed their bees by staying at the same place for a long time. Because only a bee hive(family of bees) requires a half-acre of the flowering area and we are working with hundreds of bee boxes....!!

So, we have to do migrate our bees month by month near different kinds of flowering crops like Thyme, Mustard, Fennel, Sesame, Dill seed, Coriander, etc. We also keep our bees in a forest area during the flowering season of Palash, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Rosewood, Wild Basil, Berry, etc.

Every plant has a special kind of nectar in its flowers. Characteristics of honey like taste, smell, color, thickness, texture, and crystallization are depended on this nectar. So, with every new harvest, we get completely different types of honey. Thus, it’s not possible for us to get the same honey during all the seasons. Actually, it’s not possible for any Beekeeper who does ethical beekeeping practice.

How we have started our journey of beekeeping

With the aim of obtaining pure and natural honey with the complete nonviolent system, beekeeping was started by Dr. Dharmesh Vadher in 2012. Very few people know that beekeeping is not a process of exploitation, but it is a process of nourishment. It is based on the principle of symbiosis rather than parasitism. This means that it is not only beneficial for humans but for humans and honeybees both. Actually, beekeeping is beneficial for the farmer, agriculture, and nature.

Honeybee farming 

Only by hobby of living with nature, the small beginning of beekeeping now converted in a form of business over time. Indigenous honey is an apiary business managed by primitive corporation located in Gir Somnath, Gujarat, India.

Conservation of honeybee in beehive

We conserve Apis indica honeybee (the indigenous bee of India) and Apis mellifera honeybee (Italian honeybee) in scientifically designed wooden boxes. Today Indigenous honey has more than 3000 beehives. The area of the working of our bees is the rural area of Gir Somnath district.

Beekeeping project start-up-hobby to a honey farming business