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Indigenous Honey Raw Organic Honey with Infused Clove NMR Tested NPOP Organic Certified Pure Natural Unprocessed Original Honey added Immunity Booster- 530 g Glass Jar (Pack of 1)

Rs. 585.00

Turritopsis Private Limited

Indigenous honey NMR tested raw pure unprocessed certified wild honey with organic cloves

  • Indigenous Honey raw and organic honey with extra advantage of cloves is loaded with all the goodness to start your day.
  • Our honey is NMR tested and NPOP certified organic. Along with the sweetness of honey we have added little spiciness of cloves.
  • Clove is highly rich in antioxidant and helps you to fight against the various diseases. Pure, natural and unprocessed Indigenous Honey will enhance the benefits of cloves.
  • To take care of yourself you just need to take one spoonful this honey with your regular diet. The original honey and organic clove will work like an immune booster.
  • Package Content: 1 Raw organic honey added with organic cloves; Quantity: 530 g; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 547 Days

Indigenous Honey Certified Organic Wild honey added with Organic Cloves is an uncommon combination brought up by us to bring the change in your taste. This combination is made with raw organic honey from the forest and the organically grown cloves. Clove is used in many home remedies for fighting against cough and the same way honey helps with the cough and other throat problems. We have brought an idea of bringing them together. The honey used in this combination is NMR tested at Intertek Germany and NPOP Organic Certified by RSOCA (Rajasthan State Organic Certification Agency). These both are combined in a perfect quantity to suit your palate, the perfect sweetness and little spiciness after taste. This will be preferred by adult and children as well. The major beneficial property of clove is that it is highly rich in antioxidant which helps with fighting against the various diseases. Pure, natural an unprocessed Indigenous Honey is an extra enhancer to its health benefits. If you are a health-conscious person, then this is definitely a perfect choice for you. Give a special care to your health by adding Indigenous Honey added with cloves to your tea or coffee, or drizzle it on your toast, bread or pancake. The ayurveda has also described numerous health benefits of cloves and since ancient days we have been using it one or the other home remedies for treating diseases. You will receive 530 grams of Indigenous Certified Organic Wild Honey with Organic Cloves in glass jar of pack of 1.

Indigenous Honey Raw Organic Honey with Infused Clove