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Beeswax candle
Handmade natural beeswax candle
Indigenous honey Pure natural beeswax candle
Eco friendly Indigenous honey beeswax candle
Handmade natural beeswax candle

Indigenous Beeswax Candle Handmade pack of 2

Rs. 326.00

Turritopsis private limited/ Primitive corporation

We think that honey is the most valuable thing we get from bees, but there are many more precious things bees are giving us and the beeswax is one among them. You know!! Bees require 8 kg honey to produce just 1 kg beeswax. So we can consider that the beeswax is eight times more precious than honey. Beeswax is widely used in many purposes and making of candle is one among them. Beeswax is used since long back for making of candle as this is far better than paraffin candles. A beeswax candle is 100% natural as the wax used for this is naturally made by little buzzing bees which come straight from nature.

Beeswax candle is a good alternative of the paraffin candles. Paraffin candles has a lot of toxins which is when inhaled may have unfavourable effects like vomiting, headache, nausea and even lung cancer. Many of us are not aware of these side effects of paraffin candles. In place of this, natural beeswax candle is a good choice.

Beeswax candles emit negative ions which purifies the air. Because of the air purifying property of beeswax candles it is very useful for those who have allergies and suffering from asthma.

Indigenous aims to serve you with the best 100% natural beeswax candles without any artificial fragrance and additives. In the manufacturing of Indigenous beeswax candles only female chandlers are involved and are handmade without any machines.

Indigenous beeswax candles burns bright and lasts longer than other paraffin candles. If you keep this candle in a plate or bowl and then light it, it will lasts for 24 hours. It has natural fragrance of honey and nectar of flower.

INDIGENOUS Beeswax candle Handmade Natural floral scented yellow