Benefits of honey

Use of honey as per Ayurveda

The description of the benefits of honey in scriptures of Ayurveda (Sushruta Samhita) is as follow.


The cause of most diseases is poor digestive power. Honey is used for the improvement of the strength of gastrointestinal tract.

"Vanyaa, Sukumar"

The honey can be used both internally and externally. By applying the paste of honey on the skin, softness and brightness of the skin will improve.


Regular use of honey can increase the eyesight. 1 or 2 drops of honey can be dropped into eyes per day. You can trust on the Indigenous Honey. (Note: It is irritating to have honey in the eye.)


Honey tends to increase sperm count and quality of semen. Physician of Yunnan had used honey as a sexual enhancer for thousands of years.


Honey is the antilipidemic drug. It removes excess fat and cough from the body by scraping. It helps to reduce obesity. Honey is also mentioned in obesity treatment. Even in modern times, honey is widely used to remove fat. Honey removes excess body fat without any side effects. Honey is useful in the treatment of asthma, colds, and coughs. Cough problems are especially high in elder persons.


Honey contains substance found in the plant that may help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Regular use of honey will help to make your heart health. Honey improves the strength of heart muscles. There was an article infamous Danish Medical Journal by Dr. Androov and Dr. Eric Voglman on use of honey in the treatment of heart diseases (from Wiki Weekly News Canada,17 January 1995). They used the herbal mixture of cinnamon, honey, and tea for heart diseases and found the effective result in the patient.


To unite is the basic herbal nature of honey. Honey is the helpful remedy for fractured bones. Regular use of honey improves the strength of bones. According to modern research, honey is rich in minerals, it is beneficial for bones.


The use of honey on the injured wound does not impair the infection and it quickly stops bleeding. Honey is also useful in diabetic ulcers.


Honey is able to enter into the smallest cache of the body. So it is beneficial to every part of the body.

Sanskrit shloka which represents the value of honey in ancient Ayurveda

In India honey is used in Ayurvedic treatment for almost 4,000 years. Honey is used for the treatment of eyes for the improvement of eyesight, weight loss, for the improvement of sexual strength, for the treatment of pathological disorders like asthma, diarrhea, and vomiting. Honey can reach up to the smallest blood vessel of the body this is why honey is called "yogavahi" in Ayurveda. When honey is used with the herbal mixture, herbal properties of that mixture gets increases. In "Bhavpraksh sanhita" the description of honey is found as below.

Translation: Honey is easy to digest, tasty, beneficial for eyes, cooling agent for body, removes cough by scratching, advantageous for hunger, good voice maker, healing agent, soft skin maker, can reach up to the smallest blood vessels, is sweet in initial taste and astringent taste in end, provide pleasure, improve the power of brain, develops sexual strength, delicious. Honey is used in the treatment of leprosy, piles, cough, acidity, the disorder of the blood, diabetes, worm, obesity, excessive thrust, asthma, other breathing problems, hiccup, diarrhea and also in constipation, burning sensation, tuberculosis (T.B).

The description of the honey in ashthang haday written by mahrshi vagbhatt is as follow.

Translation: Honey is beneficial for an eye, removes excessive thrust, cure cough, anti-venom, cures hiccup, useful in the treatment of diabetes, worms, vomiting, respiratory problems, coughing and diarrhea. Honey is antiseptic for wound, beneficial for fractured bones, arid, astringent and sweet. The quality of crystallized honey is same as liquid honey.