Which is the best honey? Bee hunter's honey or Beekeeper's honey?

Bees produce honey to make their future secure. Honey is preserved food for their family. Flowers are the only source of food for bees. During spring-like flowering seasons, bees collect nectar and convert it into honey which doesn't spoil for a long. Bees use this reserved honey during critical times like; the autumn season when flowers are hard to find in nature. If we steal or rob their honey then what will bees eat during the absence of flowers? Most probably they will die due to starvation. Traditional honey hunters make bees vulnerable by lighting up heavy smoke under their hive, and then they crush the comb for getting honey out. The comb is not only a honey storage unit but it's their home as well, so it's very harmful to bees because their next generation-all little bees and larvae die during crushing the comb. By doing this we are pushing their species towards the door of extinction. It's dangerous for us also because bees perform more than 80% of pollination in plants.

Before 10,000 BC, we humans were hunter-gatherers but we had changed our way by adopting agriculture to overcome the food crisis. The record shows that we had also started primary beekeeping practice 4,000 years ago, even though a huge share of our honey is coming from hunting today. We have to switch our way from bee hunting to beekeeping. "If we provide abundant flowers all around the year then bees won't require honey anymore." This is the basic concept of beekeeping. There are many species of bees but we can't use all types for beekeeping except Apis Mellifera and Apis Indica. A bee box is a man-made wooden dwelling that makes bees feel like their natural habitat. One bee box requires one acre of the flowering area nearby and a beekeeper has to manage hundreds of boxes. Thus, one site requires an enormous number of flowers. Nobody can do this by staying at the same place for a long time, so beekeepers have to migrate their bees from one seasonal crop to another. These different crops are responsible for naturally occurring flavour variations in beekeeper's honey. Because of migration, now flowers are available all around the year so bees will produce a huge amount of honey than they require and we can harvest the surplus amount. Instead of crushing the comb, we use centrifugal machines to extract honey so not a single bee or larvae will die.

Thus, beekeeping doesn't mean just conservation of bees but we can grow and multiply them. We can get the purest form of honey here too but not by exploiting them.

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