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TURRITOPSIS Beeswax Votive Candle Glass Hand-made Dripless for Meditation Yoga Home Diwali Naturally Scented Burning time 10 hours (Set of 6 pieces)

Rs. 350.00

Indigenous Honey

Pure natural beeswax votive candle

For making TURRITOPSIS beeswax votive candles only 100% pure beeswax is used which gives a brighter, clean and smoke-free burning. Here, the beeswax is melted at a high melting point, then filtered and poured into glass holders with hands. These candles are handmade and no machines are used to make this. The natural colour of beeswax in glass and its reflection while burning gives a beautiful glow to the surrounding. These candles are uniformly packed for easy handling. The glass holder gives you a dripless burning which prevents the mess and increases the life of the candle. The best and most amazing part of beeswax is that it releases negative ions while burning which helps in purifying the air, we breathe in. When we think of prayer, worship or spirituality, the very first thing that comes to mind is purity. Giving tribute to the god or worshipping them with a candle having the property of air purifying is probably the best way. This is also very effective in concentrated meditation and focused yoga. We are always searching for a glimpse of light when we are happy or celebrating an occasion. This beeswax votive candle is a perfect choice and perfectly suits your home décor and churches for all special days, Diwali, weddings and Christmas with a natural scent and long-lasting burning time of 10 hours. We have taken care of the safety of your candles while packing them. You will receive beeswax votive candles (set of 6 pieces) in one box. Each candle’s height is 6 cm and its width is 4.5 cm. The colour of the candle is the natural brown colour of beeswax.
TURRITOPSIS Beeswax Votive Candle Glass Hand-made (Set of 6 pieces)