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Raw pure natural honey beeswax candle
NMR tested raw thyme honey pure beeswax candle
NMR tested raw pure thyme honey with hand made beeswax candle
Indigenous honey nutritional value with pillar candle
Raw thyme honey with pure natural beeswax candle
Pure and natural raw thyme honey
INDIGENOUS HONEY Thyme honey with natural beeswax candle

INDIGENOUS HONEY Nmr tested Raw Thyme Unprocessed Natural Pure Honey with Pure Beeswax Candle combo pack

Rs. 650.00

Turritopsis Private Limited

Indigenous honey NMR tested raw thyme honey with pure beeswax candle

  • Indigenous Raw Thyme honey offers wholly natural and organic honey made from Thyme flowers. This means that your honey isn't revealed to filtration or hotness. Indigenous honey serves Raw thyme honey with all-natural goodness.
  • With Indigenous honey candles, you can enjoy every occasion in the warm sparkle and delicate mood of all-regular, harm-free wax candles.
  • You can use thyme honey for many health benefits, remedies, medical treatment, and heart and cold-related diseases.
  • When you light our candles, you are helping with lighting the way for the people who are healing and who are concerned with any health treatment and remedies.
  • Package content: 1 Raw Thyme Honey, 1 Beeswax pillar candle Quantity: 530 g Ingredient type: Vegetarian Self-life: 18 Months (547 days).

 Our little buzzing bees do a lot of hard work for our mother nature and for us. Along with making honey, bees also produce the purest form of wax. And from that, we brought a combo pack of thyme honey with a beeswax candle. Thyme honey is as large as the honey bees made it; simply pure honey. This implies that the thyme honey is unfiltered, unheated, untreated, unpasteurized, and hygienic with any added substances like altered sugar, other raw material, etc. The goodness of the candle depends upon a good chandler. At Indigenous, beeswax candles are rolled and made by chandlers. These are made by the trained team of chandlers, and they make sure the best-shaped and 100% pure beeswax candles are made. Thyme honey is cough nashak which helps in curing cough-cold and bad cholesterol. Thyme honey is good for every age group, while in children they help with stomach aches, irregular digestion, and constipation. It’s mostly avoided by kids because of its bitter taste. The candles made with this wax have the natural fragrance of honey and the nectar of flowers. Beeswax candles emit negative ions which purify the air. Because of the air-purifying property of beeswax candles, it is very useful for those who have allergies and suffering from asthma.

INDIGENOUS HONEY Nmr tested Raw Thyme Unprocessed Natural Pure Honey w