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INDIGENOUS HONEY Nmr tested crystallized honey pure beeswax candle

INDIGENOUS HONEY Nmr tested Raw Crystallized Honey with Pure beeswax candle combo Gift pack

Rs. 700.00

Turritopsis Private Limited

NMR tested raw crystallized honey with pure beeswax candle

  • Indigenous mustard honey offers wholly natural and organic honey made from mustard flowers. This means that your honey isn't revealed to filtration or hotness.
  • With Indigenous honey candles, you can enjoy every occasion in the warm sparkle and delicate mood of all-regular, harm-free wax candles.
  • Enjoy the graceful smell of honey as it burns. You realize that your candles are away from harmful scents, synthetic toxins, poisons, or paraffin.
  • This can be a pleasant combo gift duo for your nearest and dearest one to make their day special and happy.
  • Package content: Raw crystallized honey and 1 Beeswax pillar candle; Quantity: 530 g honey and 1 candle;

 Have you ever tried our natural and organic mustard honey? Do you know its benefits for your health? Do you want to make your occasion an atmosphere delightful and graceful? For you, this duo will be a perfect combo for both advantages. Our mustard honey is as large as the honey bees made it; simply pure honey. This implies that the wild honey is unfiltered, unheated, untreated, unpasteurized, and hygienic with any added substances like altered sugar, other raw material, etc. You can use this honey for many health benefits, remedies, medical treatment, and heart and cold-related diseases. Honey candles are good for your health and pleasant for the climate and are produced using the limitless asset of pure hygienic and organic regular beeswax. When you light our candles, you are helping with lighting the way for the people who are healing and who are concerned with any health treatment and remedies. So why are you waiting for any other option? This will be a perfect duo gift combo for your special ones and personal use.

INDIGENOUS HONEY Nmr tested Raw Crystallized Honey with Pure beeswax c