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Raw certified honey with beeswax candle
NMR tested raw wild honey with pure natural beeswax candle
Certified Organic Wild honey with hand made beeswax candle
Nutritional value of INDIGENOUS HONEY
Raw wild honey with pure natural beeswax candle
Pure and natural raw wild honey
Pure honey with beeswax candle

INDIGENOUS HONEY Certified Organic Nmr Tested Wild Honey with Pure Beeswax Candle Combo Gift Pack

Rs. 690.00

Turritopsis Private Limited

Certified organic wild honey with pure natural beeswax candle

  • The wellness of raw honey and the goodness of the beeswax candles are a unique and first-time combination brought up by the team of Indigenous.
  • One thing common in these is that they both are the two most salient and priceless things we get from the hive of little humming bees.
  • Having the sweet honey beverage along with the natural fragrance of beeswax candles will be awesome to have a calm and peaceful atmosphere after having a stressed schedule.
  • This can also be a perfect combo gift for your nearest and loved ones to make their day extraordinary.
  • Package content: Raw organic honey and 1 Beeswax pillar candle: Quantity: 530-gram honey and 1 candle

Have you ever thought of how old is honey and how old is beeswax? Or what is the history of honey and beeswax? It would be stunning for you to know that these are as old as the word history itself. Bees and human relations are since from the days of hunting-gathering. Many of us even don’t know that the first candle on the earth made was from beeswax by our ancestors. A paraffin wax candle was introduced after many centuries. We in the modern era, are not aware of what all we can gain from these things. The Egyptians in the ancient era used to offer honey to their deities to show sacrifice. It was also used for healing wounds and also used as an ointment. Beeswax in those days was used as a tooth filling, a surface for writing, wax painting, and many more. With this little information, we can have an idea of how this can be relatable to us in our days. This is a small initiative of bringing a new combination of raw wild honey and beeswax pillar candles by the team of INDIGENOUS HONEY.

INDIGENOUS HONEY Certified Organic Nmr Tested Wild Honey with Pure Bee