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TURRITOPSIS Beeswax Tea Light Candle Naturally Scented Round Handmade for Diwali Celebration Birthday Party Burning Time Upto 2 Hours 10 Gram Each Set of 15 Pieces

Rs. 250.00

Turritopsis Private Limited

Pure natural beeswax tealight candle

At Turritopsis, beeswax tealight candles are crafted by female chandlers with all care. Each tealight is slowly and carefully filled and wicks are placed gently and are filled till the edge. Beeswax has a high melting point in comparison to other waxes because of which it has a long-lasting burning time. We only use handmade cotton and lead-free wicks to avoid other metals. The best part of beeswax candles is they have the property of releasing negative ions while burning which purifies the environment and makes it healthy and fresh. These tealights are made in such a way that they are easy to handle and can be placed anywhere. Beeswax candle does not create smoke while burning and for this, all thanks go to our little buzzing bees for making natural beeswax. Our tealight candle has the natural fragrance and aroma of flowers and honey and to maintain this we haven’t added any extra fragrance to it. The fragrance of beeswax adds a positive vibe to your surrounding atmosphere and the people. Beeswax tealights will add an extra glimpse to your special days. Sometimes, just lighting up a candle is enough to make someone feel special while welcoming them to your living. There was a time when people used fireplaces in houses in winter but, today candles have replaced those fireplaces. A set of beeswax tea lights in your living in winter will give you warmness to your body and peace and calmness to your mind. Keeping all goodness in our brain we have tried the best possible way to make safe and eco-friendly packaging for your set of 15 beeswax tealight candles, each of 10 grams.

TURRITOPSIS Beeswax Tea Light Candle Naturally Scented (15 Pieces)