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Indigenous Honey Bee Cap Honeybee Army Green Cap Bee Veil for The Protection of Face from A Honey Bee Sting (Pack of 10)

Rs. 1,800.00

Turritopsis Private Limited

Indigenous honey bee cap for the protection of face from honey bee sting

A bee veil is a cloth or cap made up of wire or net for protection from bees’ stings. The head and neck part is covered with cloth and the face surrounding is made of a net or wire so that the person could see clearly and bees cannot reach near to their face. Bee caps are designed in such a way that it is very comfortable for the beekeepers while working in the apiary.

In the Indigenous bee cap, the cloth used is cotton material so that beekeepers can work comfortably and not have to face the sweating problem.

The color of the net used for the facial area is black for proper visibility. A strong ring is around the head and neck to ensure that the net is away from the face and elastic too so that bees cannot enter inside anyway. Indigenous bee cap is very convenient while breathing too. It is lightweight and easy to carry and the whole cap is of army print.

It is easy to wash with gentle hands or a machine without any bleaching.  These hats are even used for enjoying outdoor activities such as fishing at night, hiking, camping, traveling, cycling, and hunting. This cap is also useful for the fishermen as they have to work in an open place and can focus on the fish without being distracted by the sunlight.

 Being a beekeeper we have all experienced of what all problems a beekeeper has to face while working in the apiary along with the bees. As a bee-loving person, a beekeeper has to think of the bees’ happiness along with their own safety. We ensure full safety and conformability in working along with your bees after wearing this cap. 

INDIGENOUS HONEY Army Green Bee Cap bee veil bee protective gear Suit