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INDIGENOUS HONEY NMR tested Raw Pure Ajwain honey (Thyme) - 530 g

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Turritopsis private limited/ Primitive corporation



When it comes to types of honey, like ajwain honey, fennel honey, wild basil honey, coriander honey… there is always a second thought in our mind that it must be infused or artificial/adulterated honey. While doing beekeeping we came to know that these tiny flies do collect honey as they get flower sources. Indigenous honey serves the Raw ajwain honey with all-natural goodness. Crop of thyme is cultivated in Gujarat specifically in Morbi and Jamnagar region in the month of August to November.

Ajwain honey is amber, color in liquid form, it also turns into dark amber or dark brown color, when it crystallizes.

Ajwain honey’s smell is addressed as pleasant herbal like, strong, aromatic, woody, spicy, or maybe pungent. It mostly varies upon harvesting.

A slightly bitter and spiced up taste can actually make you feel the real thyme seeds taste while having ajwain honey. It may also taste pungent which is a unique thing about ajwain honey. if the taste is not a matter then ajwain honey is really beneficial for health-conscious

Ajwain honey is a treasure for health, it contains the highest antioxidant in compression of any other kinds of honey. Which neutralize harmful radicals in our body and defense against aging & heart diseases, where is omega 6 fatty acid helps in lowering cancer’s risk, digestive problems. Ajwain honey is cough nashak which helps in curing cough-cold and bad cholesterol. Ajwain honey is good for every age group, while in children they help in stomach aches, irregular digestion, and constipation.

Every raw honey crystallizes as time passes by. Honey is made up of fructose and sucrose, the level of fructose and sucrose changes as the flower’s nectar changes. Ajwain Honey contains a good level of fructose, so it takes years to get crystallize. In such a condition, you can keep the jar in the hot water bowl to turn it to liquid form or you can consume as It is – the tastiest form.

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INDIGENOUS HONEY NMR tested Raw Pure Ajwain honey (Thyme) - 530 g